Whether you want to come to one of our Networking Events, or create your own bespoke track experience to reward your team, more information is a phone call or email away. However here are the answers to some frequently asked questions.

How long is the event / experience?
Typically your picked up at 9am and dropped off at 6pm.

Is there a minimum number per booking?
Indeed. To give you the best experience your party must have a minimum of 5 members.

Is there a maximum number per booking?
In order to have as enjoyable amount of time on the track as possible we recommend that you keep to no more than 20 participants per experience. That said you can always split the group into 2, for example, if you have 30 participants, it would be best to book 2 experiences of 15 persons each. Our team are on hand to deliver all and any experiences required.

How many vehicles per person?
We typically have 2 participants to each vehicle and instructor. This guarantees you approximately 2 hours of driving time each.

How many different vehicles will each driver typically experience?
That depends on the type of experience booked. A typical experience will consist of one or two brands with two vehicles each.

Is dinner included?
A gourmet lunch is included but dinner is not. However our concierge would be more than happy to book your party into the restaurant of your choosing. Dinner and drinks can also be ordered at the member's clubs.

Are drinks at the members club included?
Acce1erate are pleased to offer a complimentary first round of drinks as well as a bottle of champagne to the winner.

Are the Winners Trophy, pictures and video footage included in the price?
Yes these are the things that make an Acce1erate experience so special.